Quote form process for PetPlan (www.gopetplan.com) and discount code


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I filled out the online quote form for Pet Plan at www.gopetplan.com.  There is a line that says “Enter promotional code (if applicable)” at the bottom of the quote form.  At the time of this post, if you type in HOTPAWS then you get a $25 American Express gift card if you enroll in their program.  All online quotes also get a 5% web discount when you add it to your shopping cart.  They offer monthly payments, quarterly payments, or 1 annual payment.  I opted for the monthly payments, so I had to pay the first and last month’s payments (2 months), and then the remaining payments are deducted monthly from the payment form I specified (which was credit card). 

Now that I’ve paid, my policy will be in effect in 24 hours.  There is also a policy waiting period.  Here is the definition of the waiting period from my policy:

There is a fourteen (14) day waiting period beginning on the effective date of this policy during which we will not cover any illness of your pet. The waiting period will not apply to any renewal of this policy if continuous coverage is maintained. Coverage for injury of your pet will begin twenty four (24) hours after the effective date of this policy. (See also Section V. General Exclusions, e, pre-existing condition exclusion.) Conditions that occur during the waiting period
are excluded from your policy as pre-existing conditions.  For additional information about pet health insurance for older dogs, you can visit my website at www.healthinsuranceforolderdogs.com


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