Compare Prices on Pet Insurance

Compare prices for pet health insurance for your older, senior dogs.

I’ve done some research on companies that offer health insurance for our older dogs, and I’ve listed some companies and compared prices  below.  Most companies fall into the same categories:

  1. They offer health insurance regardless of age but you need to be alert to what’s covered in regards to “pre-existing conditions” and illnesses – or-
  2. Your dogs age might put it into a specific “Senior Care” plan of some sort, and these usually have very limited illness coverage, and cover accidents -or-
  3. Your dogs age makes it only qualify for an accident only policy, with no illness coverage at all.

I’ve written a summary and recommendation of what insurance company I’ve selected, and you can read that review by clicking here.

***Disclaimer:  How prices are determined for pet insurance:  Industry wide practice is to base insurance rates on more than one factor:  Dog or cat, the breed, whether it’s a pure breed or mixed breed, and state/zip code you live in.  Some breeds are more prone to hereditary problems, and some breeds have shorter or longer life spans than others.

That being said, the prices below will probably not be the same rate as yours.  The chart serves as a guide to show you my pricing experience based on my dogs breed and age.  It is best to fill out your own online quote request form, and do your due diligence and research to make sure the coverage your pet qualifies for is sufficient coverage for you and your pet.

Compare prices for pet insurance for my dog based on these factors:

15 year old pure breed American Pit bull, spayed female, in Houston, Texas:


Compare prices for pet insurance companies for older dogs
Company name: Website: Maximum Age of Pet allowed: Deductibles: Sample price for my 15 year old dog in Texas:

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14 years old (see below) Decutibles from $0 – $1000, you choose (If under 14 years old with $200 deductible) $53.84 per mo.
Trupanion Pet Insurance discount here

Trupanion Pet Insurance discount here

Pros:0% deductible available. Pays 90% on approved claims. Trupanion has no limits per claim, per incident, or per year and no lifetime payout limit. No upper age limit if the dog is insured before it turns 14.
Cons/Fine print:Dog must be insured before it turns 14, then there is no age limit. If the dog has already turned 14 they will not insure it. Does not cover routine care, veterinary exam fees, or pre-existing conditions. Waiting period: 5 days for accidents and 30 days for illnesses from policy enrollment dates. Waiting Periods: Accident coverage begins 5 days following the policy enrollment date and illness coverage (including congenital and hereditary disorders) begins 30 days following the policy enrollment date.


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7-8 yrs old (see below) Decutibles from $100 – $1000, you choose (If under 8 years old with $200 deductible) $67.44 per month
Pros:Offers pretty good coverage for illnesses and accidents.  There are several different coverage options available, or you can design your own custom policy.  The annual maximums (the total amount Embrace will pay each yet per each pet) ranges from $5000 to $15,000.  Annual deductibles range from $100 to $1,000.  Reimbursement ranges from 65% to 90%, but 80% is the standard.  These amounts are all customizable to fit into an affordable monthly payment for you.  There are also the optional benefits of a wellness rewards program, and prescription drug program.Cons:Pricing seems a little higher than the other companies at first glance, but I have not looked at the fine print to see if more conditions and illnesses are covered, therefore making the price higher.
24 Pet Watch
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6 – 8 years old (see below) $200 deduct. illness, $50 deduct. accident $39.95 per month.

Pet Health Insurance for Cats & Dogs

Plan for older dogs is called QuickCare Senior. If you do not enroll your dog before your specific dogs “cut off” date, then you can only qualify for the Quick Care Senior plan. This program has very limited illness coverage. $50 deductible on accidents, $200 deductible on illness. 100% coverage paid on insurable conditions only.
Pros:Coverage begins the morning following enrollment.
Cons / Fine print: $2,000 per incident coverage for: Foreign Body Ingestion, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Bone Fractures, and Poison Ingestion. $500 per incident coverage for:Lacerations, Burns, Bite wounds, and Allergic Reactions to Insect bites. Illnesses: 100% coverage up to $2,000 per incident for: Strokes and Seizures, Heart Disease, and Cancer. “QuickCare Senior” does not include coverage for other illness categories, including coverage amount is for •cardiovascular & respiratory system • digestive system • urogenital system • musculoskeletal system • nervous system • eyes • ears • skin • endocrine system • blood & lymphoid system • infectious diseases • cancer. These items are covered only if your dog is enrolled before his age “cut off” date.

PetPlan Pet Insurance No age limit $50, $100, $200 Silver Plan: $68.67 per month.
Pros: 5% discount if purchased online. 30 day money back guarantee. Coverage for variety ofillnesses is pretty good.
Petplan covers injuries and illnesses for life.* Once your pet is insured, Petplan will cover all chronic conditions into old age, provided you renew your policy each year without any break in coverage (as long as the condition is not considered pre-existing). 3 different plans to choose from: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Cons/Fine print: Pre-existing not covered (unless considered a curable condition and meets the exclusionary period). 14 day waiting period before anything is eligble for coverage. Routine Care coverage not available.This is important: (Wording taken directly taken from PetPlans website:) If your pet has not been examined by a primary care veterinarian within the twelve (12) months prior to the effective date of the policy, you must have your pet examined within the first 30 days. This examination will be used as the basis for determining any pre-existing conditions.
We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to establish your pet’s baseline of health as soon as possible. Without a baseline of health for comparison, any condition which is noted in your pet’s first visit to the vet must be considered pre-existing, even if it would have otherwise been coverable.Petplan insured pets must be seen annually for their wellness check-ups.
Shelter Care 8 years old (see below) $100 deductible $42 per month
Pros: No waiting period, but illness coverage starts 15 days after enrollment.
Cons/Fine print: You must enroll your pet prior to it’s 8th birthday to have regular insurance coverage. If you try to enroll your dog after it’s 8th birthday, the only policy available is called “Quick Care Senior”. This program has very limited illness coverage. $50 deductible on accidents, $200 deductible on illness. 100% coverage paid on insurable conditions only.Your pet must receive the vaccinations recommended by your veterinarian and receive an annual examination. This is a condition of your ShelterCare Pet Insurance policy. Does not cover pre-existing conditions. From the website: As a condition of insurance the Insured’s pet must receive anannual physical exam and all licensed vaccines as recommended by the Insured’s veterinarian.Proof of the above must be provided by the Insured in the form of complete medical records from all veterinary clinics that have seen the Insured’s pet. If there are no medical records for the Insured’s pet and/or the Insured’s pet has not attended a veterinary clinic within the past twelve months, the Insured agrees to have the pet taken to a licensed Veterinarian for a complete physical exam within thirty days from the coverage effective date.70% payment of each covered claim.
VPI Pet Insurance 10 years old (see below) $250 annual deduct. $10.10 monthly
Pros:No medical review required.Cons / Fine print: Must enroll your dog before it’s “cut off” birthday date, which in my case would be my dogs 10th birthday. After the cut off date, you only qualify for an “Injury Plan for Senior Pets”. Limited coverage to just accidents only, and not illnesses.

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